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How you helped The Little Dinosaur become a reality
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We are thrilled that everyone who uses our teethers, knows they are getting a naturally soothing toy worthy of the fussiest littles.

Before I created The Little Dinosaur, I became a mom for the first time.
Then one day it happened. I realized I was screaming “I’m a mommy” even when I wasn’t around my baby.

I was concerned that I was the only mom that was worried about being labeled as just a “mom.” That I was the only one feeling like I had lost myself in my new role and was completely consumed by this new amazing little life.

But then…

I spoke with other moms. I realized I wasn’t alone and that my teethers will not only help their littles through the uncomfortable stages of teething, but will also allow moms to maintain their identity through style too. 

I decided I set out to create the most chic, low-key teething necklaces for the most smashing moms in the world.

It turns out…

the road was more difficult than I imagined. Finding quality suppliers with great prices and going though the steps to ensure the utmost safe teething toys was a challenge.  But I set forth and took it one step at a time because safety and fair prices are the most vital stances we take.   

I still feared that my customers would not come…

But after my first grand opening weekend I sold out of all of our wooden teether toys! 

Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been pure love from everyone who sees the product.