Signature Teething Collection

Function they need, style you love
Our Signature Teething Collection is packed with all your baby’s teething needs and style to boot.
Teething can be an ugly time but your baby’s teething toys don’t have to be ugly too. With our Signature Teething Collection,  you’ll not only be able to soothe your little’s sore gums but you will also look good doing it.
It’s difficult to find teethers that keeps parents in mind when it comes to design. Is it awesome being a parent? Of Course! Do I need to showcase parenthood with super frilly teething accessories everywhere I go? Absolutely not!
All our teethers are made out of food grade silicone beads and untreated wood beads to avoid allergens. Easy to clean and versatile enough to satisfy the most stubborn teethers.
Take a peek at our Signature Teething Collection and see what the rave is all about.

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