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Classic Pacifier Clip – for the classiest baby on the block


A classic look for a classy baby



Keeps their favorite off the ground

A classic design for any style

Have you ever looked for a pacifier clip that would compliment your style? The Classic clip will do just that

The Classic Clip also offers 

  • Wood and metal clip  engraved with our Little Dinosaur to polish off the look and offers a strong grip. 
  • Three wooden beads providing a hard surface to ease teething pain and capping off the end to ensure safe chewing.
  • Silicone beads offer a softer chewing space for extra sore gums. 
  • CPSC Compliant Peace of mind knowing your clip is complaint with the highest standards set for safety. 

The Classic Pacifier Clip enhances your style, and does not take away from it. A double duty clip that keeps your favorite tiny humans’ pacifiers and toys clean. Not to mention, it gives them a safe space to soothe those achey gums.  

pacifier clips

Babies like to toss everything

Most of the time it’s at the most inconvenient time and at the grossest places (I’m talking about you public restrooms)

Save the paci

With the Classic Pacifier Clip you can feel confident that those dirty floors will see less of your kiddo’s paci.

The best part is your tiny human can relieve their teething pain naturally too. With wood and silicone beads they have the option of hard and soft surfaces to ease those gums anyway they need. 

Maybe your kiddo doesn’t take to a paci. These clips are versatile & will loop onto our most popular teethers

Here are some safe pacifier clip tips 

  • Always monitor baby and keep clip secured 
  • Don’t allow baby to chew on the metal clip
  • Never leave clip on during sleep

Did you know that children’s toys are required to be tested by a third-party testing lab to ensure items are meeting the most stringent safety guidelines out there? When you purchase from The Little Dinosaur you can feel comfort in knowing that all our items are CPSC compliant.

You’ll have the classiest kiddo on the block when they’re rocking their classic paci clip 

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