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Felix Pacifier Clip – for the boldest looks




Did you know that a pacifier clip could be so handsome?

The Felix Pacifier Clip is here to show you they can be

A balanced mix of wood and silicone beads 

The Felix offers 

  • Symmetrical design for a bold look. 
  • 3 large wood beads providing a hard surface to ease teething pain.
  • 3 large silicone beads offer a softer chewing space for extra sore gums. 
  • Longer length for babies and toddlers 
  • Versatile to hold most pacifiers
  • CPSC Compliant peace of mind knowing your clip is compliant with the highest standards set for safety.

Babies are stronger than we realize sometimes. Let the Felix remind you that your kiddo is strong. And if they’re strong willed, I hope your coffee is stronger.

Kids rock. 

They have a lot to learn about this wild world we live in and are expected to figure it all out in a controlled manner. As parents, we know all too well that kids cope a bit differently than us. Why not give them something they can make their own decision about. Sure it’s a small one, do I chew on a soft or hard surface? Do I want my paci or do I want to chew on these awesome beads? But a little control is sometimes all they need!

Strong, functional, and handsome 

With the Felix Pacifier Clip you’ll get all three. You can clip it to yourself while wearing your little one (did I mention it won’t distract from your super cute outfit?), they’ll have a great dummy holder that doubles as a teether. That’s a win-win-win in my books.

Here are some tips to keeping pacifiers safe & sterile

  • One-piece, dishwasher-safe varieties are best
  • Keep extras readily available. Maybe even a couple identical ones if your kiddo is particular about their paci
  • Clean early and often. Always wash before first use. Equal parts water and white vinegar for a few minutes a day (or at least a few times a week) helps keep them clean and germ free
  • Replace pacifiers often. Worn-out nipples can break off and become choking hazards

Adapted from The Bump’s 7 Tips to Keep Pacifiers Safe and Sterile

Give your strong willed cutie an equally strong clip to hold their favorite paci or teething ring with the Felix Clip!


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