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Lena Teething Necklace




The most daintiest teething necklace you’ve every seen

practical, subtle, and gorgeous

The best three words to describe our sweet, not so delicate, Lena Teething Necklace for moms. 

The Lena offers 

  • All silicone beads lightweight and subtle and provides a soft surface for your baby’s gums 
  • The perfect length to accent your favorite outfits and for your little one to play with and chew on
  • No tangle we start beads lower down to avoid getting them tangled in your hair
  • Breakaway clasp for an extra safety feature
  • CPSC Compliant peace of mind knowing your necklace is compliant with the highest standards set for safety.

As parents, it’s easy to get caught up in baby gear and the thought that we need to adjust our aesthetics to accommodate for our babies. This is not necessarily true. Changing your aesthetics because your taste has changed, totally cool. Thinking you have to because you’re a mama now, is not. 

From day

To night

That’s why we’re here 

We’re here to remind you that you can have pretty, functional, and safe toys for you and your baby. 

Our items are designed with you in mind 

With the Lena Teething Necklace, you can choose to be subtle when it comes to your baby’s teething needs. Lena will compliment your look, not distract from it. 

You’ll love our necklaces

And you might even find yourself grabbing one to complete your look even on your solo day! 


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