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Penn Pacifier Clip – for the teeniest of babies

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Sometimes all we need is a smaller option

The Penn Pacifier Clip is the perfect fit

Our Penn Clip is lightweight and shorter to accommodate brand new babies. If your little one uses a paci, you do not want to be caught without this clip. Newborns might not be tossing their pacis yet but somehow that pacifier is still going to go missing! 

The Penn offers 

  • All wood beads for a lighter, more natural touch. 

  • Central beehive bead to give texture for those early teethers.

  • 10” in length shorter length for your brand new little. 

  • CPSC Compliant peace of mind knowing your clip is compliant with the highest standards set for safety.

The Penn was inspired by infants for how warm and cozy they are. Wood has such a warm touch to them. Condition them with our Organic Wood Conditioner and you’ll not only be protecting the wood but you’ll also bring out those warmer tones.

Tiny pacifier leash for a tiny person 

Sometimes pacifiers are just too long and heavy for brand new babies. The Penn clip is just the right size and weight for those newbies. Great for baby wearing or while baby swings (under supervision).


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