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Reid Pacifier Clip




What's the best tool for a little dinosaur’s adventure?

The steady Reid Pacifier Clip

The Reid is a great companion for your tiny human to go on all sorts of adventures. He’ll keep their favorite pacifier or toy off of the ground and clean. 

The Reid offers 

  • Perfect length for babies and toddlers on the go 
  • Large central silicone beads offers a soft surface for achey gums
  • Wood beads offering a harder surface for those extra sore gums 
  • CPSC Compliant Peace of mind knowing your clip is compliant with the highest standards set for safety

Kids are curious. The Reid allows your little adventurer to utilize their fine motor skills by using their pincer skills while learning about different textures too. Small work is important work and just like the Reid, all of our items like our Dean teether [add link], allow your baby to get started on those lifelong tools. 

Let them roam. 

Closely and safely of course. I’m not sure about you, but for me I learn best when I’m experiencing hands on. Your tiny human is naturally curious as they figure out their place on this planet. With the right tools your little cutie can thrive and learn so much with a little exploration. Make sure they are fully equipped with the rights tools. We still don’t want those pacifiers on the ground (germs are gross).

The Reid Clip has their back 

At least when it comes to their favorite paci or toys. The fun part about our clips is that they are not just a one trick pony.

They offer so much


  • A place for their pacifiers to stay off the ground
  • A safe space to chew on through those tough teething stages
  • Practice for their fine motor skills


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