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Toby Necklace – Teething necklace for mom


Bringing a little balance to your day



What can help with

The inconspicuous Toby Teething Necklace

Photo by Kelsey Jo Forrest

We LOVE the Toby. She’s a teething necklace without looking like a teething necklace. Get ready to be complimented every time you rock her, with our without your little dinosaur!

The Toby offers 

  • Symmetrical design for when we need that balance the most. 

  • Two large wood beads on each side providing a hard surface to ease teething pain.

  • Large central silicone beads which offer a softer chewing space for extra sore gums. 

Just like you, your babies need a balance too. Between hard and smooth surfaces your little can choose their preferred teething antidote all while keeping you balanced, mama. 

Moms rock.​

We have to juggle everything that comes at us. Even with a strong tribe its a tough act. Lets add a cranky teething baby on top of that and we have one toe left on the high wire.

We got you! 

With the Toby Teething Necklace, you’re one step ahead. Not only do you look like a rock star mom who has it all together (because you do), but you’re also providing teething relief for your tot! Why stop at this cute teething necklace? Grab a Wooden Teething Toy and a Pacifier Clip to provide the best chewable beads for your babies teething needs. 

What are some signs of teething?

  • Lots of drooling! 

  • swollen, red gums

  • Irritability

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Trying to bite and chew on everything (that’s where we come in)

Did you know that babies can start teething as early as 3 months? Thats right, 3 months! That brand new bundle of joy might need teething relief sooner then you might be prepared for. 

Teething and beauty are not the only things the Toby is good for. She makes a great breastfeeding necklace as well. It’s baby’s nature to grab and pull while they eat, so whether your little is breastfed or bottle fed they will enjoy having the Toby to grab onto.



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